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Card Decorating – get creative with stickers!

Card decorating is a fun and exciting way to send a personalised message for any occasion. Shop bought cards are great but when you have the time and fancy getting creative, card decorating is a really thoughtful option to show the receiver that you’ve put a lot of consideration into writing to them.

The most attractive thing about sending a truly personalised greeting card is that you can completely customise it according to the person you’re sending it to. Have you ever been in a card shop and thought; ‘oh they won’t like that joke’ or ‘the design isn’t really them’ . Everyone has been there, staring aimlessly at rows of cards that could be for anyone.

So now that you have taken the decision to put on your artistic hat on and decorate your own cards, you need some inspiration don’t you?

Follow our tips for card decorating to impress your friends and family.

  • Choose your card colour – either a soft complimentary colour, or make a statement with a bold block colour.
  • Practice sketching how you want your card to look on a scarp bit of paper
  • Once you know what your centre piece will be, decide if you want to to draw/ paint it or make it more 3D with creative materials.
  • Select a sticker pack from our extensive collection to make your cards truly personalised and vibrant.  Whether it’s our digit stickers for spelling out an age for a birthday, a favourite TV characters from our kids stickers or Christmas stickers for this years festivities – there’s plenty to choose from that will make your card ever so special.
  • If you have chosen to write your own message the best thing to do is to pick a font! Have a look on the Internet for one to copy unless your an expert at calligraphy that is!
  • Putting it all together is the best part – style the card so that it’s suited to your reivers personality. Remember that you don’t have to stay 2D, build up your card by adding materials such as tissue paper to make a nice flower in the corner next to a sticker! It will look elegant and oh so artistic!


Once you get started with card decorating, it’s difficult to stop. You’ll love the creativity and will be looking to send one of your hand made cards for every occasion: birthdays, weddings, party invitations, anniversaries, good luck cards, new baby cards, new homes cards …. chances are you’ll be pretty busy!

Good luck with your card decorating!

Have you made your own cards before? Do you have any experiences and top tips to share? Get in touch with us and share your ideas, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter – we’d love to hear from you.


Top Tip – it’s always a good idea to good odd bits and bobs for decorating cards, such as ribons, buttons and of course stickers!