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Dora The Explorer Stickers

If you have children then  you may have heard of the popular animated TV series ‘Dora The Explorer’. Here at Rowan Stickers we sell a fantastic range of kids stickers including Dora The Explorer sticker kits! You will be pleased to know that these stickers will be a huge hit with the youngsters, keeping them entertained with their favourite character for hours.

They’re perfect for decorating a child’s bedroom, with their eye catching graphics these self-adhesive stickers are easy to place, easy to remove and they’re even reusable. Yes that’s right they’re completely removable, which means if your child decides they want their Dora The Explorer Sticker to change place, then no problem! All our stickers are printed in high-quality inks using the very latest methods, guaranteeing a super splash of colour to rooms.

But where else can stickers be used? Well you can stick them to host of things according to our customers, including bedroom furniture, windows, toy boxes, bicycles, scooters, toys, school books, bags…the list is endless.

Wherever you decide to stick them, our Dora The Explorer stickers will brighten up your childs playtime, afterall children adore stickers – it’s fact



About Dora The Explorer

Dora the Explorer is actually an American series, created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh Valdes and Eric Weiner. The theme of the show is children’s adventure, in which a young Latin girl named Dora Marquez embarks on quests. Accompanying her on these quests is her trademark talking backpack and ‘Boots’ the monkey, who wears red boots. Children watching the show will be introduced to real life situations in which Dora and Boots have to overcome them by solving riddles and puzzles. Dora is regarded as a positive role model for young children and the show is known for having positive messages and a strong education value. So if you want to further encourage your child’s admiration of this wholesome TV character then buy our affordable Dora The Explorer Stickers today and give them a nice surprise.