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Fireman Sam Stickers

Fireman Sam Stickers – did you know that they’re amongst our most popular kids stickers? We’re certain that if you have children you would understand why. Fireman Sam is an extremely famous and lovable character, that keeps the little ones entertained, intrigued for hours. Not to mention teaching them valuable lessons on fire safety too! 

You may remember watching the series as a child yourself, or you may have only just become familiar with it recently. Either way, there’s no denying the appeal in the story lines and characters. That’s why we sell great quality Fireman Sam Stickers for all to enjoy. Perhaps you’re already familiar with Fireman products, if you’ve got a little fan living with you. Maybe you’re constantly tripping over Fireman Sam Playsets or Fireman Sam toys? Well now’s your chance to put a big smile on their faces, and surprise them with these gorgeous Fireman Sam Stickers!


Fireman Sam Stickers


These funky Fireman Stickers can be used to brighten up any interior. So get creative and see what great ideas you have with your children. Some of our suggestions include;

  • Use these Fireman Stickers for children’s parties – in party bags, to decorate rooms, on presents – they’ll match perfectly with a Fireman Sam cake!
  • If your kids have bicycles, why not let them decorate them or their helmets!
  • Make a collage with our 4 themed sticker packs!
  • Fireman Sam wall stickers –

Fireman Sam Wall Stickers come in four themed packs, each featuring a selection of characters and scenes from this popular and enduring show. Each pack offers plenty to entertain the little ones, or why not collect all four to complete the set? We offer generous discounts for multiple purchases, whether you are buying as an individual or for trade.


Fireman Sam Fun Facts:

  • Fireman Sam is actually a Welsh cartoon, appearing on Welsh TV in 1985 and then England in 1997
  • The series was recently adapted into a Live musical theatre show and began touring the UK in June 2011
  • The series has been adored by adults and children a like for the past 30 years!
  • The original seasons were created using plasticine models, now it is computerized
  • Fireman Sam has been sold to over 40 countries and is used to promote fire safety
  • The original idea for the show came from two ex-firefighters Dave Gingell and & Dave Jones