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Fridge Stickers – join the craze!

Fridge Stickers are for those of you that like to make your home feel just that little bit more personal and fun.

Nothing expresses your personality more than tasteful humour or light hearted design. Fridges have until now been reserved for odd magnets, appointment cards, kids drawings, and other bits and bobs, which is all fine and dandy, but why not make a statement out of your fridge? Fridge’s a very much a large feature piece of a kitchen, generally towering over the units and other white goods, so our philosophy is to utilise this space, and express yourself.

It’s not just us that think so. Have you heard of the photo sharing website called Pinterest? Well lots of people are using Pinterest to display their Fridge Sticker style under search terms ‘Fridge Stickers‘ and ‘Fridge Decor‘ – check it out for yourself and get inspired!


Fridge Stickers Top Tips

  • Go for a sticker that reflects you! Your guests will find it amusing and it will be an interesting topic of conversation!
  • Either coordinate with your kitchen style or intentionall clash colour and feel.
  •  If you’re kitchen is normally quite cluttered, opt for less complicated and more delicate fridge stickers
  • If you have a spacious kitchen space why not take advantage of this and make your fridge busy with fun stickers?
  • If there’s more than just you in the house a fun idea is to split to fridge/ freezer into two canvas’s – for example girls vs boys. Each team selects their fridge stickers and expresses themselves, creating fun memories to share!
  • If you don’t want to go OTT with the stickers perhaps combine a fridge sticker with other personal touches such as photographs or post it notes.
  • For the truly creative ones amongst you, select stickers for each season. Or even do themes throughout the year such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays etc. You’ll be renowned for your artist flare and fun nature!
  • Get a sense of humour! Do you love wine? Get some humorous wine stickers! Or why not be ironic, if you’re partial to the occasional tempting fridge snack, how about sticking fruit stickers on the door!
  • Surprise your kids and let them decide what to stick on! It will be a fun activity for all the family.


However you decide to decorate your fridge, be sure to check out our collection. We have lots to choose from, including animals, fruit, other food, wine, flowers, butterflies, patterns and much much more!


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