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How are stickers made?

Since we sell a fantastic range of stickers we thought you might be interested to know how stickers are made!

How are stickers made – the process

Stickers have become more and more popular for expressing artistic views and preferences, they’re are part of a popular culture of today’s society admired by children and adults alike. So how are they made exactly? Surprisingly not a lot of people actually know.

The most common material used to make stickers is Litho stock, latex can sometimes be added to the mixture in order to create more flexibility to round sticker shapes for example. Vinyl is used when the sticker needs to be more durable and weather resistant. You will also find that with stickers intended more for arts and crafts will consist of a aluminium type appearance.

Have you heard of the Pantone Machine System? Probably not, but it actually is the main machine used in the sticker making industry today, mainly because of it’s choice of colours for the ink. Before this system there existed the CMYK. Standing for Cyan, Magneta, Yellow and key-line (pure black), the process used these 4 colours to create many more colours by dotting on top of each other.

The ink used when manufacturing is suprisingly transparent!

Stickers are then printed and cut into the appropriate shapes and styles.

There are many products available today that allows you to print your own stickers at home, but if you’re looking for great quality, durability and products that meet safety standards then visit our products to see what we have to offer.

We’ve found an interesting video on YouTube to further demonstrate an answer to how are stickers made?

Now you know how stickers are made, why not take a look at our extensive collection!