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Ideas for collages – using stickers!

Ideas for Collages

We all love to get creative, whether we’re 9 or 90 arts and crafts are always fun! Creating collages is a fantastic way to get artistic and express yourself. Maybe you’re helping your child make one and want some inspiration? Well, you’re in luck because with our vast collection of stickers we’ve got lots of inspiration for your collages!

Did you know that the word Collage comes from the French word ‘Coller’, which means to glue!

So who started calling collages, collages? Pablo Picasso and George Braque at the beginning of the 20th century, during the time that collages became part of the modern art movement.


What makes a great collage?

When creating a collage there are not many rules that you have to follow, that’s one thing that makes it such fun! However it really helps if you can think of style that you’re going to go with before you start creating. Traditionally, collages should include a range of different materials that work together to form the end product.

You could literally use anything you can find, such as different types of paper, fabric, foil, sticks and other bits and bobs from outside, buttons, and of course stickers!

Ideas for collages are really endless, but stickers provide an inspirational base to your design. Here’s our suggested steps to achieving a truly artistic collage!

  1. Browse through our stickers, whether it’s stickers for kids, kids sticker packs or simply our letter and number stickers sheets.
  2. Choose a design that you think could be a great base for you collage.
  3. Order, and whilst waiting for free delivery think about other pieces you want to add to the collage and start collecting!
  4. A top tip is to keep your bits and bobs for your collage in a ‘collage box’, that way you can keep adding when you find something that could be of interest. 
  5. When it comes to putting your collage together, put the stickers on the canvas ( whatever your canvas may be – remember there are no rules ) and gradually build around up and around them with the other pieces that you’ve collected! 
  6. And Voila! You will have yourself a masterpiece of the modern art movement! Why not send us a picture of yours or your kids collages accomplishments?

If you have any more ideas for collages feel free to share with us!