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Suitcase Stickers – the best way to identify your luggage!

Suitcase stickers have been around for a while, you will have most likely caught a glimpse of them in movies on traditional square brown suitcase before. They’re usually carried by the type of people we want to be – the artistic, cultured, well travelled sort. You try to see what their stickers on their suitcases are of, to get a better idea where they’ve travelled to, what they like etc.


Vintage suitcase stickers have previously included images of hotels/ motels, places that you’ve been e.g. The Tower of Pisa with a faded image and old typeface. Well now the times have changed with better print and sticker quality, you’ve got many more bright, colourful and fun sticker options to express yourself with! People used to collect stickers on their suitcase to show off where they’ve been, and it was in the trend or fashion if you please at the time. Now, we tend to collect fridge magnets instead, buying them from souvenir shops abroad and popping them on our fridge when we get home.













Well now, this person can be you! Why not select some groovy suitcase stickers from our large collection, we’re sure that you’ll find something that tickles your fancy!

As well as expressing yourself in an very cool tongue in cheek kind of way, you will also have zero problems trying to spot your luggage! For example you may have a red suitcase and think ‘I’ll be able to spot this no problem, it’s bright red!’. Then you realise that loads of other people clearly had the same idea, after watching a parade of identical red suitcase emerge from the baggage claim conveyor belt – you need something to make yours stand out!Suitcase Stickers are the solution – with a personalised suitcase you can easily spot you luggage, removing all stress and leaving a smile on your face!

As blogger Micheala Hall states in her article ‘Six cool ways to distinguish your luggage’, stickers aren’t just for children and the wide spread use of plastic suitcase has provided a great new canvas for suitcase stickers!

So what will you choose to express yourself! We have a large collection including musical instruments, animals, sports, smilely faces, food, holiday themed and more!