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Why do kids love stickers?

Kids Stickers – perhaps the average adult doesn’t understand that appeal, but they’re hugely popular amongst youngsters and always have been, but why?

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with stickers as a child, cast your mind back and think about how fun it was. Ask yourself the question; why did I find it fun?

Maybe you still love stickers? Or something similar, such as cutting things out and sticking them somewhere else? Perhaps you exert this interest virtually on websites such as Pinterest? Either way there is something compelling and attractive about playing with stickers, especially when you’re young.


Making your mark

During a child’s learning development, they will start to form their own identity from the ages 3 – 6 years old by making choices and following through on those choices. Expressing their choices can be done through artistic outlets, including playing with stickers – they get to make their mark and show their personality.

The Versatility and possibilities that playing with stickers bring for a child are plentiful. Depending on what images they are most drawn to, there is something for every child. The places that they choose to stick them ( despite possibly being a little frustrating for you ) can aid a child in communicating their identity.


Appealing things about Stickers for Kids

Here are some of the things that make stickers so appealing for kids;

  • Pretty and stimulating to look at
  • Fun to peel and place somewhere – we all know that kids love sticky things!
  • Accessorizing, decorating, expressing themselves
  • Improve the way an every day object looks e.g. a school book. Given the choice a child would put a sticker on their school book of something that they like or that appeals to their personality and interests, for example their favourite kids TV show character.


How to encourage their sticker fun time

If you think that your children would benefit from some sticker fun time and you want to encourage their personal development by allowing them to express themselves, then read our top tips:

  1. Think about what your kid likes – tv characters, food, colours… the list goes on.
  2. Search through our Kids Stickers collection and choose a few packs
  3. Give your kid the stickers plus ideas of what they can do with them, e.g. put them on books, bikes, toys, bike helmets, paper, make a collage, decorate the fridge or mirror, put them on party bags…. the possibilities are endless and we’re sure you can think of many other ideas.
  4. Get some peace and quite whilst they’re happily engrossed in sticker fun!




So what do you say? With our large and low cost collection of kids stickers you’re bound to find something they’ll love – we can think of no downside. You might even find something for you too such as a out very popular wheelie bin or fridge stickers?