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House Information Signs


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Classic Sign’s range of House Information Signs is perfect for getting your message across to family members, visitors and delivery personnel within your family home.

House Information Signs fit a range of purposes and uses, from the fun and frivolous to the more serious. Choose from informative signs such as, Please close the gate, This door is alarmed, Please wipe your feet, Please mind your head, Beware dogs about, No junk mail, No circulars, Please allow time for the door to be opened and Please remove shoes or a tongue in cheek selection including Teenagers only, Adult free zone, Enter at your own risk, Little sister keep out, Little brother keep out and Dad’s den.

House Information Signs are made from high quality brushed aluminium and can be used indoors and out. They are self-adhesive and will stick to any smooth, dry surface, making them easy to apply but just as easy to remove when they are no longer needed.

House Information Signs by Classic Sign are made in the UK according to rigorous British standards for quality, making them ideal for using in your home with confidence. We supply individually and in bulk to households and businesses all over the world who recognise the benefits of high quality materials and manufacturing.

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